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The Harry Orvomaa collection of Jewish records
Most Finnish record collectors will be familiar with the name of Harry Orvomaa (1927 – 1990).
He was the brains behind many of the biggest Finnish hit records of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, a director of Scandia Music.
The legacy of Scandia belongs today to Warner Music, and it can be listened to on platforms such as Spotify.
Harry was also a collector and a founding member of Suomen äänitearkisto, the Finnish Institute for Recorded Sound.
In the 1980s he donated his collection of historical 78s records to the archive.
Most of them were jazz, his great love, but there was also a significant collection of Jewish music from various European countries.
Many of them were from his family home. Harry spoke Yiddish with his parents, and they were active members in the Jewish community in Helsinki.
Together with other Jewish records from the archive’s collection they now form “The Harry Orvomaa collection of Jewish records”. The collection consists of about 300 78rpm records, 600 individual recordings.
The Jewish collection has now been digitized with the support of the Kone Foundation.
The complete catalogue of the collection, scans of the labels and many audio samples can be found on the Dismarc website (Discover Music Archives).
To search the collection, go to Dismarc, choose “advanced search” and search for “HOC” in the field “Archive”.
In addition to recordings by famous cantors such as Joseph (Josef) Rosenblatt, the collection includes recordings by well-known actors of the Jewish theatres in Warsaw, Bucharest, etc. There are also Zionist songs and folk songs. Recordings which are not yet accessible online for copyright reasons are available for researchers in the National Library of Finland.

Suomen äänitearkisto ry 1966 perustettu yhdistys, jonka tarkoituksena on kerätä kaikki ennen vapaakappalelakia (1981) julkaistut suomalaiset äänitteet ja muodostua toistaiseksi Suomesta puuttuvaksi kansalliseksi äänitearkistoksi. Yhdistys on julkaissut lukuisia äänilevyluetteloita ja äänilevyhistoriallisia julkaisuja.

Suomen äänitearkistory (Finnish Institute of recorded sound) is a national sound archive which aims to create a complete collection and documentation of all Finnish recordings up to 1980. After that date, the task has been passed to the national library.
The insitute is open for researchers by appointment only. For more information about the institution, its publications and activities contact the chairman Timo Wuori  (
"Timo Wuori, Kehtotie 17, 00760 HELSINKI" )
For questions and comments on the online database, contact (

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